Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This just in....

...I suck at racing. I was happy with my performance today, but in the big picture I was a giant heaping pile of suck. The races were fast. I knew they would be...come is a race, but they were faster than what I would even expect.

The course is super flat and in the morning there was a tailwind down the longest straight. I held on the the CAT 4/5 for about 5 laps. Then when I was OTB I ended up trying to work with a guy. He was just barely hanging on and I ended up doing most of the work. He was tiny too so even when he was in front I was getting nothing.

Just before we were about to get lapped I took off trying to hold the pack off. It was a pretty impressive effort if I do say so myself. It delayed the inevitable for another lap. We got lapped a seond time with 3 to go. Picked up a xXx rider who kind of worked with us - when he wasn't busy trying to tell us what to do (is there a rolleyes smiley on here?).

The Masters 4/5 was faster. It was brutal. Actually it probably wasn't, but the morning's race had taken a lot out of me. I did manage to stay in the front for a while. I was even in front going over the line one lap. I actually think I was in a 3 man break off the second lap or so, but I was going hard enough that I couldn't see. One guy came flying up and wanted me and the first guy to work with him. We put out heads down and I hammered for a bit. The second lap of that was obvious we were fading.

Pretty soon I did my usual OTB and just tried to hold on. The sun was intense and it is really hot out there today. After getting lapped a second time with only 6 or 7 laps left I decided to call it a day. I shouldn't have because it was then that riders were starting to get shelled and I could have found people to work with, but the gas tank was on "E" and the pounding headache was signaling dehydration.


Rule 5,246 about racing: "Don't expect to ony go out a couple of times a year for races and still do OK."


aham23 said...

so dudes getting lapped still have the balls to bark orders? that aint right. later.

CyLowe said...

Way to go, man.

What a perfect way to spend a sunny Tuesday/Wednesday than being in the office.

Pretty cool. Big kudos.

Psimet said...

He was very nice about it. Kind of like trying to help out. I really got a lot of feel good vibes from a lot of other guys out there. A lot of "not bad man...stick with it. You can handle yourself, just learn how to read the race."

Kudos to xXx. Every guy I talked to from xXx was a class act. I have always felt that way even as a spectator.