Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Satan invented the scale

The last day of vacation I was feeling pretty trim. Almost as though I had actually lost weight during the trip. I knew that was impossible but I figured maybe I had at least minimized the damage.

The timing of the trip was kind of bad as far as my weight goes. I had just broken the 180 barrier that I seem to bottom out at every year. From what I know about those weights your body levels out at if you can actually get past them then the weight just sheds off to the next bottoming. I was hoping to start seeing that...then the trip came.

I took it all in stride and hoped for the best. The 2 days of car travel and chain fried food hell on the way back put some hurt on me. I got on the scale when I got back...187. I was pretty dissappointed. I knew that it was reading high and that most of that would come off in a few days so I tried to keep a positive outlook.

The next morning it read 185.5

Yesterday it read 183.

Today in the morning it read 182.

After the ride tonight it read 179.5. That's mostly water loss I know, but it still makes me feel good. I still have a pipedream of 165 sometime this year, but I would definitely settle for a mid 170's or low 170's that is sustainable. It's a lot easier to try to only lose 5-8 lbs next year.

I have said it before and I will say it again. If I can get to 165 the right way (not losing muscle, gradual loss through proper diet/blood sugar level control, etc) then I will be on fire on the bike.


aham23 said...

it was all water loss. but congrats on the 179 number. later.

Psimet said...

Actually I think the higher number was water gain. The 179 is holding and I expect it to hold.

I was feeling pretty bloated when I was reading the higher numbers, and I actually did eat well for a lot of the vacation....except for the 3/4 of a case of beer every night. Diplomacy costs.