Monday, July 21, 2008

Knobbies Suck.....kinda

So I finally got around to doing what I had intended on doing since I bought my cyclocross bike to use as a commuter...I put regular tires on it.

My intention was to keep the cross tires for possible cross races in the fall and put regular road tires on the bike for commuting. I have had a wonderfully new pair of Michelin ProRace 2s sitting around forever because at a 25mm size they were huge on a normal road bike and actually wouldn't clear any frames I put them on. They're like balloon tire huge.

A long spring, followed by lots of rain and then the eventual trail construction led to me just never getting around to switching out the knobbies. Well I finally did. This morning was the first time on the bike with "real" tires on it. Nice. It rides much better (in my opinion) and was noticibly faster. I felt so much better riding them.

The whole way in I kept thinking "I'm going to blog or post about this. I am so much faster with the regular tires on, it makes a HUGE difference. I mean I knew it made a difference, but come on...."

Then I got in and realized that I had the same time as just about any other time I have ridden in on that bike. Huh???!! Oh well. I guess I can chalk it up to the rain that decided to accompany me this morning.

Time will tell, but for now I am still glad I am off of knobbies.


aham23 said...

always wanting to be faster. when will you learn silly rabit. ?? later.

Eric Cox said...

Unfortunately, I proved to myself the other day that I am pretty much as fast on my old steel bike with 10 year old Ultegra as my fancy new carbon bike with 10 spd.

I sure wish I could buy speed instead of having to earn it through physical improvement.