Thursday, July 10, 2008


It is upon us again. One day, One way, 160 miles. Ride Across INdiana. We roll out tomorrow.

So far it appears like we might be getting wet as we roll across the state. Boo. But at least we might have a tailwind. Something tells me that this one will be epic. That cycling "spider sense" is tingling.

Epic not in a good way, but in like a "hey I'm going to have a 4 hour story to tell about this one" way.


aham23 said...

i got something tingling too. but its more like jock itch then my cycling spidey sense. oh well. later.

L*I*S*A said...

Great to see you on your blog. Thanks again for all the feedback on my adventure in the search for the perfect bike.

Have fun today in RAIN, and I look forward to hearing all about it.