Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stupid Week

So I forgot my license on the way to the races today in Bensenville. So I went back from Bensenville to Elgin and got it. Then when I finally got to the race I went to go register and realized that I had 2 different shoes.

Yes one was right and one was left, but one was a mtn bike shoe and one was a road shoe. 2 different cleats. One that would work with my pedals.....the other wouldn't.

I took the start of the 4/5 race anyway. I just pretended I was having pedal problems. I took a lap and according to the official at the start I will be placed. Boo.


Really stupid.

When you race, or go to any event there are a few things you check and check and check again.
  1. Helmet
  2. Shoes
  3. Bike
  4. Gloves
  5. Water Bottle
  6. Pump
  7. EDIT - Even here I forgot to put "License".

Everything else is extra. Today I get an F. Still....I did take the start so the day wasn't a total loss.


recursive said...

One more for the list:

race license.

Don't forget it. I guess you could buy a one day, but just put it on the list.

Psimet said...

HAHA...that's the whole reason I had to turn around the first time and I didn't even put it on the list. Seriously what's wrong with me??!!

aham23 said...

two shoes are better then one. unless one is a mtb racing shoe and one is a road racing shoe. things to remember. later.

recursive said...

Ah, very good. I just used your list before heading to Humboldt Park and realized I'm forgetting my gloves.