Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oops. a mad rush to prove that I knew what I was doing with SQL I made a poorly researched update query on the database that runs our company's top staff level Sharepoint site. should have updated about 81 records.... updated over 1,600.


Site no longer functions.

I looked at the IT guy across the table.

"So how old is the last backup?"
" would only be the differential. Last full one would have been last Friday."
"OK, so it will take a while. Let's start with table xyz...."

"...uh....actually it didn't run last Friday. Actually I don't back up this guys said we were going to re-deploy Sharepoint so I didn't think anyone was using it."

At that moment it dawned on me that I had just destroyed 2 years of strategic work. Nice.

I will get it fixed, but it will require a manual reconstruction. That is the suck.

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Eric Cox said...

I once lost a spreadsheet containing about 400 recorded votes that took me a while to recreate. Nothing like this however. Good luck, and may you have a nice, cold beer in your future.