Thursday, August 21, 2008


I feel like the stuff you find sometimes on the bottom of your shoe that makes you think, "I don't know what the hell that is, but I'm not touching it."

The family has been dealing with a virus for a few weeks. I feel like I am pulling out of the worst point, but I am still a mess. I did the Dairyland Dare with it in full effect, but the stress of the Dare put me over the edge. I have been in a serious funk since then. Add on top of that some business travel - late travel and arrival paired with early meeting and half day travel again - and I am struggling to figure out which side is up.

To top all of this off I have to get to the doc to get my regular Rx filled - something I HATE doing. I have no time and scheduling an appointment is like trying to ask the most popular girl out to the dance. You end up getting a semi-polite appointment at a totally inconvenient time and end up leaving there feeling like you've wasted all your time and were just mildly humored.

I hate healthcare in America. Wife works in the system (RN). She has a Doctor for a sister and the other sister is a nurse as well. Everyone wants to do a better job, but the system seems to never really give them a chance to. Between everyone covering their asses and the occassional individual that just doesn't really know what they're know where I'm going.

Case in point. I had breathing problems and got bumped around from my primary to a specialist. Specialist needed testing, etc. The total time involved to schedule appointments and get anything done - 6 months. End result - have surgury (nasal polyps). My wife was pregnant at the time so there was no way I was going to take any unecssary risks.

Now that child is 2 1/2. I still have the issue. If I want something done now I will have to start the process all over again. Not to mention if I undergo surgury then I will be laid up for a couple of weeks. order to make sure this happens during the off-season I would have to start this process sometime in July....

....guess I'll wait until next year.

So...what does this mean for Saturday's road race? It means my first event sporting an actual team kit will be a subpar showing. I might have to pull myself to prevent total embarassment to rest of the team who is there.

Pain is what it feels like to get better.......right?

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Eric Cox said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad -- I guess this is where a BF denizen would say HTFU, but you'll hear no such thing from me.