Sunday, August 31, 2008

Proud papa

We had a great day hauling around on the bike. Little P got to see:

  • Bugs
  • Ants (different from bugs somehow)
  • Spiders (see above)
  • Diggers (daddy makes parts for diggers)
  • Caterpillers (the big yellow ones that daddy makes parts for)
  • Train tracks
  • Trains
  • Hot Dog
  • Bread
  • Pop (that's what he calls a Coke)
  • Bikes (when asked about a tandem he saw he said "TWO!" proceeded to hold out his hand and finger by finger went, "One, Two. TWO!" I just about popped.

I lost count of the unsolicited hugs and kisses I got today not to mention the smiles and "uh...YEAH!" responses to questions like "did you have fun today?" and "Do you want to go on a bike ride?"

To top it off as Mrs. P and I were cleaning up - generally not paying attention - Mrs. P stopped, starred and then told me, "Get your camera." He had leaned how to pedal (finally) on his bike.

It was a good day.


L*I*S*A said...

How can you NOT smile when you see that video. Too cute!

aham23 said...

funny. my little princess can finally ride her giant trike. not the best yet, but she can move it forward now :) .

CyLowe said...

The elder Inquisitor is all about rockin' up and down the sidewalks on the Schwinn.

Eric Cox said...

Sweet -- weekend rides with the kids are the bees knees.