Monday, August 25, 2008


So...after the race I took Mrs. P out to celebrate her 30th in downtown Chicago. I made a reservation at the Omni on Michigan Ave (where Oprah put up her guests I hear) and made a reservation at a local fondue establishment.

We made it into town without a hitch and found time to walk a section of the Miracle Mile before heading over to Navy Pier to bask in the other tourists and beer garden. Before I knew it we were eating and trying to pick the perfect wine.

Neither of us is much of a wine follower, but I appreciate a nice wine and know one when I drink one. We ordered what we thought we would like (hard to do when you just don't know) and then headed to the wine tasting this place has on the weekends in their wine cellar.

Luckily we got some time alone with the sommelier (?) to discuss our likes and dislikes and got to sample a wide array of selections. Pretty soon our server came in and informed us the bottle we selected was no longer available. Holy bait and switch batman!

After thinking for a moment our sommelier recommended a Pinot Noir from Failla. Following is my take on a "Runner Susan" wine shot.

It was a great bottle. Finally convinced my wife that Pinot Noir is OK, and that there are other wines outside of Pinot Grigio.

Still....could have used a good Belgian Wheat Ale.

The meal was great and we had time to catch a quick cab back to Navy Pier to watch the fireworks. Good trip. I do love Chicago. There just isn't any other place like it in the midwest.

It was nice to get some time away from little p, but we both started feeling guilty. Who could blame us....

BTW - check out those thighs! He'll be dropping pousers before he can do math. He'll be calling every "Fred" before the 1st grade.

Then again....maybe he lacks that "killer instinct"....


L*I*S*A said...

Nice wine shot, and as for little p, he's just toooooo precious!

He'll get his own Cervelo or Quintana Roo and some Zipp discs any day now, right?

Gotta prep for kindergarten.

Pressure's on.

aham23 said...

chicago, omni, wine, fondue....hellow mr powertap!!


Runner Susan said...

very nice photo, i'll have to try this wine . . . I'm got some wino competition . . . just a tip - it's always better to photograph before the bottle is finished : )

Runner Susan said...

cute little kiddo too!!!