Friday, August 1, 2008


I'm starting to get antsy about the Elgin crit. I'm not getting much riding in. Ok none.

The forecast is for a killer heatwave combined with occassional summer thunderstorms. This combined with the fact that the course is a bit technical (I think - haven't ridden it, just driven it) and the fact that the Open Cat Masters race starts at 1pm.....
I'm feeling like I want to throw up.
My interpretation of the course:


aham23 said...

well if that doesnt make me wanna run out and sign up. not sure what will. later.

Eric Cox said...

The other thing I didn't mention on my blog about our training series is that in July and August, 100 degree start time heat is not unusual.

Drink lots before and after. Depending on length, a bottle in the race may not be bad either.

Have fun.

Oh -- and you've inspired a deeper, reflective post about foreign audiences coming soon to a blog near you. It's actually part of some other research I am doing.