Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Group Ride 081208

Another group ride is done. Fast. I held on for a long time and was actually climbing really well (for me).

Then I popped. I was so demoralized thinking - Hey I'm going to make it this time....

Then I fired up the Garmin and saw I just set a record for myself on the course. Everyone else just got faster.

I hate pulling into the parking lot within a minute or 2 of the leading group - meaning we were close, but that difference adds up to 1-3mph. Pretty big gap.

Oh well, I never said I was good at this stuff.


CyLowe said...

We stopped for a latte at one point hoping you'd catch up. After the second round, it was decided we should finish the ride before it got too dark.


Yeah, it was a zesty pace out there.

Don't burn all your matches before the second rest stop of the DLD! And have fun out there.

L*I*S*A said...

From my saddle, you're pretty damn good.

aham23 said...

i love a good latte after a hard ride.

i also ejnoy the self loathing that being a roadie entitles said roadie too. later.