Sunday, August 3, 2008

I told you...I'm Batman


Elapsed time = 1.5 hrs - I had to do a fitting. as well.

Not bad for having raced in two race today either.

I told you....I'm Batman.


CyLowe said...

Put the seatpost back where it was. Just think of all the $$$ and time you'll save with such a DIY vascectomy!

I mean, Batman doesn't have any progeny, does he? Though I'm thinking that might be due to the non-wicking fibers in that rubber/kevlar suit he sports.

aham23 said...

holy forward seat Batman!@$?

i wish i had some new racing wheels.


Eric Cox said...

1) How did you do in the races?

2) Are the wheels on loan, or did you bite the bullet?

3) Nice transformation.

Psimet said...

I'll post about the races. The wheels are on loan, and Thanks!

L*I*S*A said...

That is a sweet-ass bike.

Just sayin' about sleek.

Nice to meet you, Batman.