Sunday, February 15, 2009


Lots of stuff has been going on. None of it good. Little P underwent a tonsilectomy, Adnoidectomy, and ear tube surgery this week. He's PO'd.

He can't talk so he's resorting to hitting. Great.

In the shop: Aham's rig and SmokinMiles's rig.

Aham's is in for a normal winter re-do. New cables, housings, brake pads, full cleaning, etc.

Smokin's is in for new brakes, new crank and a full teardown. Both are done as far as the teardown goes. Still waiting on some parts for Smokin's

She came by yesterday to pay for parts and brought by some Panera. The soup was just what Little P needed. He ate it up. First real food he's eaten in a long time.

I signed up for Hillsborough-Roubaix yesterday morning. I also signed up for 2 races in the Super Crit series in South Beloit. With everything going on I did not ride this week (outside of an easy ride on Tueday with MJH2). I'll consider this my week off. Need to come back hard. In good news the stress of this week caused me to lose 4 lbs.


agmon said...

i hope the tubes would work. but if the ear infection come back- check out the eardoc- it is not invasive and treats the problem rather than the symptom

Runner Susan said...

Oh man, I remember when Kenza went through all those surgeries. No fun. Hope the little one feels better soon.