Monday, February 2, 2009

Jan Totals

Spurred on by aham's blog I decided to catch up on my log book. Ran some numbers for Jan. Not overly impressive, but they are what they are:

Riding (mostly trainer) : 20h23m
Strength (core and weights) : 5h50m
Running (le suck) : 2h <- Mainly 10 minute warmups for core work.

I'm not really following my "training plan" a la Friel, but wtf...I look better than I have and I am putting some good numbers down and it's only the beginning of Feb.

I did 3 indoor TT's all Cat 4:
1/2 hour VQ TT - 6 out of 9
10k ABD TT #1 - 15 out of 28
10k ABD TT #2 - 12 out of 23

Hopefully we can get on the road here soon and I can maybe start getting some runs in outside. I can't stand the treadmill. This weekend is looking good for some group riding out of the shop. Team + anyone else who shows. I hope the weather holds...

EDIT: OH and how can I forget...I borrowed some rollers and tried them out tonight. Awesome. I love them and I am surprisingly naturally good at riding them. I moved out of the dooreay within 10 minutes or so. I still need help starting (hand on a wall), but that's it. I even got confident enough that I put my TT bike on it and rode in the aero bars. Awesome.


Runner Susan said...

Well it doesn't count unless you put video on your blog. How do we actually *know* you did them? Hmm?

Julie said...

I saw him! He looks great! A natural

Psimet said...


aham23 said...

i second RS, you must video blog it or it didnt happen.

plus, when you say "spurred on" you mean take that my numbers are better then your numbers. i see what you did there.