Thursday, February 19, 2009

One down

One rig down. This is aham's rig. Nice rig. Almost identical to mine. I had it in the shop for 2 weeks as all sorts of crap went on at the psimet house. Aham is climbing the walls - I just know it. I usually try to get him turned around in a few days, but with little P's surgery - and subsequent re-asmission to the hospital this week - everything got messed up.

Well I promised it and I deliver. Bask in the awesome. Even if it's a crappy shot.

All that's left is Smokinmile's rig....well if you don't count my own and the TT bike adjustments....

Smokin has some serious gear going on. A beautiful 105 compact with 165mm crank arms.....brand new DA clampers....wowzers. New pads, chain, crank, brakes. tape, cables, housings, BB, will be a new bike.


aham23 said...

dude, you know me too well. i hate being idle. mad props to the mad mechanic.

CyLowe said...

After seeing such nice gear, you're going to double over in laughter when the Felt drops by.