Friday, October 31, 2008

Running part deux

So...what's a boy to do when the regular cycling season has drawn to a close and the daylight hours have disappeared and yet he still wants to be in decent shape for cross races every single weekend?

...he runs. Did another outside run yesterday. 5k. Doing better. Took 3 minutes off of my time. I still suck I am sure, but I dropped a 25 minute 5k. Made me happy.

I hurt now. Leaving work early for Halloween. Going to put in a 40-50 miler before hanging with the little monkey (little P as Curious George). Then tomorrow riding a few huors with the bunch on the road.

Sunday is the cross race in St Chucks. My shop is putting it on. Rob Kelley from our team has done it all it seems. He said he put some killer hills in it. Boo.

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CyLowe said...

Running... ha. That's rich.