Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cyclocross is hard.

Cyclocross is hard. Very hard. It makes crits look like 30 mile Sunday charity rides.

I am a wussy. I suck at this thing. I got dirty. I got cuts. I got bruised. I'm a roadie.

Don't know if I will do Hawthorne Woods race tomorrow. I might have to sleep on it.

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Biffbradford said...

Ahhh ... it rounds you out. Jumping those curbs when the 4's Crit. sprint goes awry will be a piece of cake! We had this Masters World Champion, Manfred Neff (?) who showed up one year during Superweek and he was forced to ride the 3's. Well he won everything. His signature move was to ride along the curb, hop sideways onto the grass, pass 3 or 4 guys, then hop back down. His wheel was very hard to follow !! - jdub-