Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cooking with gas.

So...it dawned on me that there was some money in my paypal account left over from the wheel builds for Alien and aham. I had been wanting 2 things this winter. I scoured ebay and found and won one of them...

Powertap laced to a Zipp 404 tubular. Old model of both the powertap and the rim, but I got it for $610+$25 for shipping -10% for a coupon I had from Paypal....making it come in at my door for $575-ish.

I don't need the tubular rim and will relace this to a Niobium 30 rim. I will either sell the Zipp rim or put it on a cheap front hub and use it for TT's with a wheel cover on the rear. If I sell it I could possibly get $150-$200 for the rim. That would net me a powertap for $375. Not bad considering the model I wanted I could get on deal for $1,200 and this model sells new for over $800.

Now I am cooking with gas.


aham23 said...


Runner Susan said...

Ummm, all still foreign words to me.

I'm so glad I have a live-in bike mechanic. He's cheap and experienced.

L*I*S*A said...

Oh geez.

Here we go again.

Can I get a translator up in this crib?

I shudder to think that someday this all *might* make sense to me.