Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Fling Stage #3 - TT

This was it. I actually prepared for this race. First one I have ever prepared for. I actually took my rig after I converted it into a TT setup out on the actual route in preparation. This is the first time I actually knew the route of the TT before starting. I was hoping I would do well.

It was 2 degrees above "I just saw a penguin" and 5 degrees below "shut the alarm off and roll-over". Perfect weather for 20 minutes of delicious agony.
It was cold enough little P decided to stay inside starship psimet watching movies...

The warmup was structured for once. I followed some advice I got on my internet home of choice...Bike Forums. Worked great. I was still fairly warm when I got in line.I talked a bit to the series #2 Sean Pedersen a bit while in line as I tried not to psyche myself out. Sean is a killer rider with boat loads of talent. I was telling him what my target was for the ride and found it refreshing when he apparantly perceived that my target pace was a killer one.
Everything was right. I finally had a TT position I was happy with. I was perched on the line going through the toture that my mind was dishing out.

5....4.....3.....2.....1......Go! The pain was intense. I think this might shed some light on the pain...

Out on course I made the first turn towards the 1st turnaround...and heard a familiar voice yell, "GO, ROB GO!" - Alien 2 was working the corner for his club ABD and recognized the blue and turqouis. Gave me a bit of a mental push to help with the pain.
Right at the first turnaround I caught my 1 minute man.
The last section back into Maple Park ended up with a little tailwind. It was amazing. I slowly started picking up speed. I was actually going to beat my target. I was thinking top 10 was in the bag.

I was only a second or two behind my 2 minute man at the line. I was geeked.
I got done and was happy with what I saw on my computer. I want to say I could have gone harder, but looking at the HR plot that may not have been the truth.

Scoreboard says I took 5th. Sean took 3rd....3 seconds in front of me....3 seconds people...3 seconds is from that interval you shorted or the extra beer you had with that meal, or the day you looked out the window at the rain and decided that you didn't need to go on that ride.
Still...5th means hardware in this series. Bling baby.


Biffbradford said...


Giro Nizza. Un lavoro ben fatto.

Congratulazioni! - JDub-

CyLowe said...

Rock and Roll.

Well done!

Now go have yourself some Marble Slab to celebrate.

Very cool.

L*I*S*A said...


I'm in love with that awesome helmet.

Good job!!!

Eric Cox said...

Most impressive.

so... new frame or a 1080 front / sub9 rear?