Thursday, October 2, 2008


There were a few riders out on the course tonight. A local came over and asked me what was up. I tired to downplay the severity of the swarm of lycra clad warriors there was going to be in his back yard in 2 days, but he still gave me a bit of stink eye.

I rode the route. It was good. I was born to ride this route.

Numbers: 24:35 Distance 9.25 Avg Spd. = 22.5-ish.

I was holding back as well. Nice. The wind is a huge factor. The course is much more technical that I thought it would be. Lots of black snakes (cracks that they pour crappy sealant over that will grab your wheel). They are really dangerous on a TT setup. Totally nerve racking.

I will have to have everything go right for me, but 23 isn't out of the question.

I am finally getting almost comfortable in a TT position. Almost.


Eric Cox said...

You can do it!

And if you don't, blame it on the course.

aham23 said...

go hard, but be carefull. good luck.

Alien said...

Go get 'em Kid!!