Sunday, December 28, 2008


I spent some time on the trainer today, but nothing special. What was cool is that we did it over at MJH2's place. JAnd, MJH2, and I. Makes trainer work much easier.

Too much water around here. Too much rain, snow, etc. It sucks because it just isn't ridable. Climbing the walls.

Mrs. P is down at the in-laws visiting her sister and family. Little P is with her as well. I'm hanging at home trying to get caught up with the stuff you just can't get doen with family around.

Settled down for an unwind and found a recent family member was snarking my beer. "ROARRRRR"


CyLowe said...

"This is England" disc? Something having to do to with Joe Strummer's last gasp of The Clash?

Beer in the DLD glass is always good.

Runner Susan said...

Enjoy the down time . . . it doesn't seem like I ever get down time. Or peace and quite, as some call it.

aham23 said...

i spy, a cock, chocolates, a book with someone running with their bike, an odd CD, a green eyed monster (yes different from the cock), a movie about fat boys and a pale ale. good times. later.

L*I*S*A said...


And, please tell aham23 that it's really not necessary to say the word 'cock' twice in one comment post. ;)

Hope you rescued the beer unscathed.