Monday, December 15, 2008

A little behind in my work

I have been trying to focus a little more on work, family, and of course...riding lately. As a result I have thoughts of tons of nice things to blog about but haven't gotten around to actually blogging.

First things first....Montrose wrap-up:

It was cold. this is what it looked like when we left that morning.

I did tear up my tights in on fo the wrecks I had. Didn't notice until later. I finally washed the cross bike yesterday. The season is now over for me. Poo.

In more exciting news we had a holiday BFNIC party that Colochange put on. He was nice enough to invite a bunch of us less desirables over to his house and feed up beer. I took him up on the offer...

pic 031 Above L to R: Cycling Jester (thanks for the ride DD), Recursive trying to remember why he came, Cyclpsycho/Alien, Colorchange our host, Alien2, CyLowe97.

pic 041 Recursive - that's how he rolls...

pic 014
iab - the premise of the party was that you brough your bike and got your picture taken with it. Nice idea. Colochange got to work another one of his hobbies in. Check out the vintage steel that iab is spoting. I can pretty much assure that it is older than anyone actually reading this.

pic 043 Alien - What Woulf Jens Do. I love this shirt. For those that don't get it google "Jens Voight". Throw a lot of German/Australian accented f bombs around and you might get close.

pic 018Above L to R: Voldemort, Recursive, Alien2, Scummer, SmokinMiles, iab and Alien
Good party and lots of fun. I remember doing a shot or two at one point. I also remember getting up on his TT bike in full party mode and riding it a bit....I think. His puny bike bent under my awesomeness (read "weight") and the tire rubbed a bit on the table....
The next morning we went to see The Laurie Berkner Band at the Rosemont Theatre....Complete with hang-over we got to be crammed into a huge theatre with a slew of 2-8 yr olds....jumping and singing. Awesome.


aham23 said...

im me. and you're you. i like green. you like blue.

good times.


L*I*S*A said...

Wanna know the one thing that caught my eye in those photos?

The Guinness.

CyLowe said...

Skinsuits and trackstands and good beer, oh my!

I'm wondering is CC is going to drink all the remaining beer himself. That fridge was LOADED with top shelf brews.

Psimet said...

He always has it like that. At least it was like that the last time I was there. It's just kept well stocked.

CyLowe said...

Yeah, it was well stocked.... for a pub!

Sweet mercy, if loving a refrigerator is wrong, I don't want to be right.