Sunday, December 7, 2008

I must be stupid

Hi. It's in the single digits out there today. Lots of snow. I'm just about on my way to go race my bicycle. I just spend about an hour digging for all those deep winter clothing items. Balaclava....last piece of the equation.

So...when you're sitting there watching the Bears play today just think that just a few miles away Yours truly will be riding his bike over frozen mud, and off-camber snow and ice at the Illinois Cyclocross Championships in Montrose.

It beats riding the trainer. I think.


CyLowe said...

The Bears are winning. The chili simmered just long enough on the stove. The hot chocolate is tasty. The wool blanket is warm.

You are nuts.

Go get 'em!

L*I*S*A said...

Get back to me on that...

I love the word balaclava.

CyLowe said...

I think the reason you faded back to 23rd is because you're supposed to wait until AFTER the race to eat the tasty sweet balaclava.

It's a dessert, not a cycling item!

What? Oh...