Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Don't have a lot fo time right now. The double was interesting. I have bruises and wounds in weird places. Crossers are friggin nuts.

I'll do a race report later for both, but basically Sunday was the complete opposite of Saturday. It was a flatlander's/crit rider's dream...it was a grass crit with a sandbox thrown in.

Even then I still didn't do as well as I should have. I got a horrible start, and that was it.

I started feeling great at the end, but the race ended before I really started reeling people in. I beat "Fake Hauge" and Jorge, but Bob held on for 1 spot on me at the end. MJH2 had a good race (read "he stayed upright").

Ara cheered us on all race, and J-Dub yelled encouragement and took pics. It was kind of a surreal race. Lots of beer, brats (with the occassional brat hand-up), sand castles in the pit, dollar bill handups, etc. Generally a circus atmosphere.

I guess people are afraid of the South Side or at least that's what MJH2 said because a lot of the normal crowd was not there.

Thos who showed were ready to rip legs and burn lungs. Bastards.

More later.

Oh....and I have to move my 1928 Model A finally. I have avoided moving it for 15 years, but the time has come. I need a hand. Anyone got time this Friday/Saturday or early next week to help lend a hand??

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Biffbradford said...

My brother had a Ford Model "A". Frame up resto with small block V8. Rumble seat conversion from a trunk. He finally sold it half finished after it sat for eons. It was a cool car, the raccoons thought so too!