Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Garmin Chipotle

A sales engineer walks into my office today and notices the cycling decor in my office. He asks if I ride. This usually comes up with sales guys, but leads quickly to a "really you ride that far? Doesn't that hurt? I could never do that? Do you love Lance? You think he doped?" kind of conversation.

I hate those.

This was different though. He went on to ask if I was a fan of euro style pro racing. Then he asked if I had heard of the Garmin-Chipotle team. Then he drops a bomb. Tells me his brother races for the team.

I check up and he's the real deal. I didn't recognize the name at first but I do recognize his nickname: Meatball.

Best part is that this guy seems cool, recent relo to the area (this year) and is looking for places to ride and people to ride with. I'm ALWAYS down for riding with new riders.

BTW - his brother is also an Olympian track cyclist. Then he mentions he's always wanted to try track cycling. "seeing as how my brother is pretty good at it maybe I'd be good too."



CyLowe said...

Great. Now you're going to get a track bike and spend all your time in Northbrook.

Oh yeah... very cool post.

Biffbradford said...

Six degrees of separation! "I know this guy at work, who's brother races for Garmin, and he introduced me to .... ". Next year we'll be reading how you just dropped Eddy Merckx on a ride with him and Axel after Christmas dinner. (LOL!)