Saturday, November 15, 2008


That was a crappy race. I sucked so bad I had a job offer from Hoover waiting for me at the finish line.

Cold. was a mtn bike course not a cross course. They have this stuff up in Cheeselandia. They call it "hills." They put some on the course. I have never been lapped on a cross course ....before today.

Mechanicals, loss of care, cross-eyed riding the wrong direction ("whaaa...everyone is going the other way....oh look.....tape....). Total suck of a day.

Form is gone I fear. That and I have never been really good at hills....

MJH2 kept it upright - and still got lapped at the line. Flanman rode 2 hard races and came in frotn of both of us. Nice job!

Hope tomorrow is better. This wasn't worth the drive. :(

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aham23 said...

form gone? i doubt it. just a bad day. you have been a riding machine. i bet you rocked the second of your back to back cross efforts. later.