Friday, November 7, 2008

Circus Tent

Yesterday while at work one of my co-workers (an uber cool Euro - Dutchie really - who loves to talk cycling with me even though he doesn't race while using terms like 'awesome, that's so awesome') mentioned that it was time for me to get new pants.

He was right. I display all of the normal headtrips that go on with people that lose weight. I don't want to get rid of my larger sized clothing for fear that I will just re-need it in a few weeks.

Losing weight for me hasn't been like a 1 season thing. I've been rolling down my weight for years. I do it the old fashion way....extreme efforts and revised diet.

My max was 230 pounds about 6 years ago. That's when I decided I needed to ride in such a way as to get healthy...not to pose.

Scale has been tipping 171 for about 2 weeks now. Recently I have lost a lot of "inches" around my waist, but the weight has stayed the same. Got to chalk that up to running and cross adding core muscle....and a lot of it.

I realized that my pants looked like a canvas circuit tent that was strapped together at the top by the "new" smaller belt that is now on it's smallest setting. My jeans had doubled and tripled over on to themselves along the waistband in between belt loops like the drawstring neck on an old army duffel bag.

I haven't felt like spending any money on anything that I don't just absolutely need right now...the powertap was with old cycling money that had been squirrelled away so it doesn't count. So I didn't feel like shopping.

Mrs. P has been losing a lot of weight as well recently and doesn't have many clothes that fit her well or make her feel as beautiful as she truly is so I feel bad in buying any clothing, but something had to give. She agreed so a trip it was.

I soon found out I now wear a 33 waist, and it's still loose on me. I also found myself back in the position I used to be in back in high school last century - I now have to watch the cut because there are not pants that have small enough waists that are big enough to accomodate my massive guads (yes...mispelled on purpose...check out BF for answer).

I was wearing a 36 waist. I still have some 38's laying around as well. I should probably be in a 32....but that's just crazy talk.

Sorry about rambling on, but this is a big change for me. I have shed "fat" from everywhere else on my body, but the gut never went. Cross/running has made that happen. It's been a slow transition too so I still feel like I have all of my power.

Later I'll post my season goals (I have some now!) and the powertap build progress (amazing how easy it is when you put the correct spokes on the correct sides). Bet you can't wait....


Eric Cox said...

Congrats on the weight loss.

I was similarly stuck in my weight loss (high 200, had been hovering at 168-170). The swimming & running has caused me to shed more.

What sucks is just before I started losing weight, I bought two really nice suits with 36" pants. grumble, grumble, stupid weight loss.

Runner Susan said...

Hee. My max was 225 11 years ago.

CyLowe said...

Sorry, but you're too late for the moniker "Skinny Bing."

We'll just call you Slim.

L*I*S*A said...

Slim Shady.

This post is worthless without pics.

aham23 said...

you rock. you are working your way to perfect climbing weight for the 2009 RTR. later.