Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily grind

OK - for those that don't already know I did get a new job. I was only out of work for just over 1 month. The best part was that I had 2 other verbal offers in the process of becoming hard offers when I took the one I did. So...if you're reading this and currently out of work - it can turn around.

All this means that poor ol psimet isn't riding the Tuesday and Thursday night world championships anymore - or at least not right now. As the sun stays out later I might have a chance. I figure I'll hit the Penny Rd Pub ride on tuesdays because it's closer.

Instead of racing this last weekend I did a BFNIC ride (Bike Forums Northern Illinois Chapter is you've forgotten). It was awesome to see some faces I haven't seen in a while. It was even better not having to organize the ride or to have promised anyone I would ride sweep. That meant I was free to show up and hammer.

I really did want to ride pretty easy for 10-15 miles getting a chance to talk to people, but alas....that was not to happen. We picked up a ringer in the parking lot. I should have known something was up when a rider with a Flatlandia jersey showed asking about our ride on the same day their club was putting on the Leland race.

We rolled out and soon after shider dropped the hammer. Later the Flatlandia rider turned the screws to us - pegging us at 27mph INTO the 30-40mph headwind. The suck.

The rest of the ride was more of the same. We turned in something like 70 miles. 35 or so at 21.1 mph the rest at 18.7 - there was some rain and some hill climbing.

So...Vernon Hills this weekend. I checked and we have like 7 riders in the 4/5. I feel good about that. I predict pain.


Runner Susan said...

So happy about the new job!

aham23 said...

welcome back......i think????