Saturday, May 2, 2009


Did a TT today. A short 8 miler. Same basic route as the fall fling TT (the one I placed 5th in last season). Well...I have cat'd up since then.

Last fall I averaged something like 22mph. Today I averaged 24mph. I hauled ass. I felt good and I looked good. They were doing 30 seconds between riders. I ended up passing 5 guys in front of me.

Ranking wise I tied for 10th in my cat. Boo. This was the last race inthe series. I ended up 7th overall in cat4. Not bad. Out of 14 who completed enough races to be considered. Meh. Not so impressive. Mid pack again.

It was really nice having the tailwind today. I was in my 53x11 and cruising over 30mph. Bliss. Felt like puking at the end so I must have done it right.

Tomorrow is Vernon Hills. we have a lot of bodies going to this one. Should be fun.


Biffbradford said...

Kristin Armstrong TTs with a 56. *snicker!* *chuckle!*

Runner Susan said...

wow, that's double the pace i ride. once i got up to 22 going downhill and i started chanting "I'm going to die" I'm going to die" . . . i didn't though.

Shaver said...

faster pussycat, faster.