Sunday, April 12, 2009

TT Bay-beee

I'm down in Indy town this weekend visiting my folks for Easter. Little P is singelhandedly proving to everyone in the world that there is some good still left in the world. He's so cute his smile could melt the polar ice caps. The government is aware of this and is monitoring his happiness closely.

Anyhoo....I finally got a chance to get on my TT bike/build from over the winter. Sure I have ridden it on the trainer, etc. but I haven't had a chance to get on the road with it and really shake it out. Without any real rides with others setup I decided it would be a great opportunity to get it on the road.

Man...that's a fast bike. It's setup with a mix of Ultegra, 105 and DA components. Some cheap ol Tektro calipers, etc. and it was still fast. I had to deal with a lot of traffic and there was some climbing, but I turned in a ride at around the same speed as what I have been riding at in groups. I was able to maintain a decent TT speed (22-23mph) into the wind and 27-30 with the tailwind. I put one of my new SRAM cassette on with an 11T cog. I even used it and not on descents.

Net result...Position isn't perfect, but I didn't feel anything out enough to change it while riding. I can ride fast on this thing. Aero wheels, ditching the vest with crap in it, and putting the aero helmet on - not to mention the performance enhancement of an actual competition - will add up to some record times for me for sure this year.

I am the walrus.


aham23 said...

you are faaaast.

did you ever post pics of the TT? i dont recall seeing it.

Runner Susan said...

hey, my parents live in indy too. i get scared it my bike goes over 20 mph. it's like school zone scary.