Friday, October 2, 2009

Trifecta of Pain

Yes I skipped the report out from Fall Fling stages 1 and 2. Meh. Not much to report. We had a lot of good numbers but only managed to get Tim in the top both days.

Fun races. Slow races. Maybe the two go hand in hand if you're a hack like me. At one point in the road race I was giving a sales pitch about my wheels to another rider. Yeah...race was too slow.

Everyone has been chiming off about Rob Kelley's relegation in the Masters 40+ race. Again...meh. Most of my comments on the matter have been taken out of context by people who don't know me.

In the end the one thing I wanted to get across is as follows: I respect the official's decision. Never disputed it. I think it is critical that everyone always support the officials and any decision they make. That's how I have always rolled.

At the same time I will not let anyone stand out there and poopoo one of the smartest, nicest, competitive, safety concious, talented riders I know. The fact that he's on the team makes that even more of a reason for me to speak up.

Generally as a team we are NOT an "anything goes" group when it comes to racing, but - unlike most of the other teams in this area - we are actually pretty tight knit and we don't back down from just about anything.

Speaking of the team - it is getting bigger. We are picking up some key riders. I need some 5's for next year. If you are willing to pay for the privledge of suffering then contact me. Pre-requisite -

1. No douchebags
2. Show up to race
3. No prima-donnas

Dues: Sweat, Pain, and having to listen to Haiduk go off on you if you even mention the word "Try"-athlon. ...and buy a kit or at least a jersey. If you can't afford one we might be able to scrounge on up to borrow.

We're not officially in the business of turd polishing, but a few have been buffed. Don't know how the I got through actually.

So....on to this weekend.

As some of you know I totally screwed up my thumb on Wednesday night's bandit cross. I was racing along side of Fat Tire jersey guy (dude...send me a mail so I know your name at least! :) ). Wasn't feeling very spicy with all of the hard riding I have been doing lately so I had been sitting back. Even waited until everyone rolled out before starting. Anyway - next to FTJG and he and I have been racing pretty evenly the last couple of events.

I love that and we tend to push each other a little further. So he started getting me into it as he nosed ahead and then I would and then he would. Well this built up into some speed and we ended up taking a corner faster than we had up to that point.

FTJG was in front and I heard him slide a bit and then he took a wide line into the prairie grass. I half decided, "OK we're going too fast" at the same time I thought, "here's a chance to pass him". So I dove in shallow and went for an inside line.

*THWACK* front tire went out from under me and I slammed into the ground. Bars twisted and I jammed my thumb into the ground like I was making a hole to plant seeds with it. It hurt enough that I had a flash of light instantly with intense pain. Kind of like hitting your funny bone. I knew I was hurt.

I needed less tire pressure for sure and I knew that before starting. Went to the clinic and got it x-ray'd. Not broken. Really messed up though. Super swollen and stiff. Turning black and blue today. Sucks building wheels with it. Got a queue of about 15 to build right now.....

So...this weekend. Trifecta of pain. I have a TT on Saturday, Crit on Sunday and a Cyclocross race later that same day. Not sure how I am going to do it with the thumb. We'll see. I think the TT will be fine - except for my performance. Biggest concern there is that I did a sub-par re-glue job on my tubular front TT wheel - you always do the worst work for yourself it seems. Then the concern over whether or not someone will end up thinking there is a concession when they check me out overstuffed in my sausage suit. End of season weight gain lbs but coming down again.

I have found that I naturally peak in the spring and the fall. Mid-summer is the worst for me. Meh. At least now I know. My form is coming back wuickly and I am feeling more powerful every time I get on the bike. Let's hope that eventually shows by way of results. If not....let the self loathing continue.

Rubber side down everyone.....even the d'bags.


Biffbradford said...

Get a number, toe the line, and bail if the digit complains too much. That's the Pro way to roll. No worries, you still look cool riding easily with your number on as the race roars by. DNF is still > DNS. *Wink!*

Julie said...

Very proud of you!!! Your WHEELS are gorgeous! ;) Can't wait to cheer you on!