Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank God it's Friday

Not only can't he sprint but apparantly he is also a poor writer of fiction too. Mark "sour grapes" Something-Druber posted his self titled "work of fiction" regarding the final sprint at the old guys race at Fall Fling. The Article is at a site I was not even aware of until someone sent me the link.

I didn't go into the big to-do here on my blog at the time frankly because it wasn't worth it. I don't even know the guy, or really care to, but I have been amazed at the sheer volume of people who have come up to me at events since and thanked me. They all seem to share a strong opinion on him.

Recruitment is going well. I am looking at some sponsorship deals for PSIMET wheels.

I have secured riders for the PSIMET demo wheels in the 4A's (including beverly Bob and Supergirl) and 1 rider in the 4B's this Sunday. I will be there all day hanging out and distributing information about the wheels if I can get it put together in time. Hope to see you out there.

Stop by and say hey if you are out there.

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aham23 said...

wow, first that fictional fact story is a real lame attempt by a non writer to be a writer. second, he clearly is a major douchebag. later.