Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off week

Once again I find myself in the redneck rivieria - Ft Morgan/Gulf Shores area of Alabama. A week of family at the beach. Basically that means little riding, lots of eating and lots of drinking.

Luckily this year it fell on a "rest week" - bwahahahahahaha! I have rideen once. It sucked. It is sooooooooo boring down here. I mean Chicago is flat but this is beyond that....and it's hot....and boring.... yuck.

Anyway....the beach and the hanging out is a blast. Pics from the week:

Little P and his cousin - near aged partner in crime. These two are dangerous together. Smart and beefy. You turn around and they are cracking up as they tackle each other and play chicken. Mrs. P and her sister (Little P's Aunt) in the background.

Learning from an elder cousin.

Bliss. I have identified this moment as one of the moments I truly love in my life. I finally caught it in a picture.

Gulf shrimp, beer, rice, avacado, awesomeness on the side.

We went fishing on a charter again. 6 hours in the gulf and all we really caught was the bait. MMMmmmmm....tasty.


Arron said...

what the hell is that? some type of redneck proof proof baby beer bottle??

Runner Susan said...

great photos! (except the bait)