Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Superweek Wrap-up

I suck.

Cat - 4/5

7/11 - Blue Island - 36/41 placing
7/12 - Elgin - 38/63 placing
7/14 - Arlington Heights - 31/37 placing
7/15 - Bensenville - 28/32placing

Cat - Masters 4/5

Didn't finish a single race.

Again...I suck. Granted the fields were much larger than what they show as placing but that is little solace. Every day was the same. Race hard...try to hold on...pop...start up a chase group....pull chase group around....then let the guys in the chase group come around me at the end dropping me futher.

To top it off the scale has been climbing for a little over a month. I believe it's muscles but there is definitely some fat in there as well. Scale read 180 this morning for the first time in a long time. I'm wearing 32" waist pants still with no problem so...maybe it is muscle.

I suck.

Time to step up my game. Cyclocross is coming...


Carlos Flanders said...

As long as the waistline isn't increasing, don't worry.

After a few hard days your body tends to retain water and other stuff. You should drop a few lbs after a couple of days R&R.

Biffbradford said...

Are you riding in the big chainring?

BBVP-Bob said...

I will be glad when I get the scale to read under 210lbs. So you have to face it, we were made for cross.

Runner Susan said...

i'm still confused about the whole cyclocross this . . but i can probably bet that your suck is better than my best?!/