Monday, March 2, 2009


Finally got around to posting some video I think. Background...I have ridden for something like 22 years but have never ridden rollers. Seriously. Runner Susan started riding them and I just thought to myself...nah. Not going to happen.

The thing is I just never had access to them. To top it off I had an unatural fear of them. It's not "if" but rather "when" you wreck on them. I don't know about you but I don't look forward to the idea of hitting the deck...indoors....during my basement.

Well I borrowed a set form JAnd. I tried the first time in a doorway because that's what I heard you were supposed to do. It took about 1.5 minutes to get the hang of them.

Due to comments on here I decided to get some video. This is from my second time riding rollers. I cut 90% off, but boiled it down to the interesting stuff. A little bit of smoother riding followed by more interesting stuff.

So far I like rollers. That is all.


CyLowe said...

Now THAT'S entertainment!

I'm guessing Ara is happy you went with the OU / Hammer kit for this lovely online play.


Oh yeah.... OU?

Runner Susan said...

It's funny how everyone is afraid of the rollers. The way I see it, crashing in the doorway is much safer than wrapping my bike around a semi or having Jimmy Joe Bob pulling a trailer full of horses while talking on a cell phone run into me.

One-legged show off. : )

Flatman said...

HA! The fall is great...

Nice job for a noob ;)

heatherann1118 said...

It is almost as funny as the Taiwan video!!!!

"Ein Gunna Kill Yeewwww!"

Tim said...'re a braver man than I. Not only do i not own rollers, but i also wouldn't post me falling over like that. That made my day Rob.

cindylouwho said...

Very good! You are awesome and love the wrecks!

Julie said...

so that is why there is a mark on our wall?!

Shaver said...

fantastic stuff, my man.

you don't even want to know what my last roller crash was like.

i blame colonel klink.

Biffbradford said...

Hmmmm ... which is more dangerous: rollers or a goose? LOL!