Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perhaps a pillow?

I hate geese. Like really hate them. They're stupid beasts. I am sure that they'd drown if left to their own devices - that's why they have down. To save them from themselves.

Why this newly charged tirade against these silly creatures? Simply because they are the reason I went over the bars yet once again on Saturday. I say once again because that makes a cool 3 times in the last year and a half.

This time we were wrapping up the "developmental" version of the Bicycle Heaven ride when we jumped onto the Fox River Trail on the last leg back to the shop. I was following JF when I spotted a couple of the grass digesting swine of the air approaching from the side.

This is where geese are dumb. You see when you attempt to go anywhere near them on a bike they seem to think the way to get away from you is to run directly into your path. I was slowing and watching one of them when the other got in front of JF. Next thing I know I look up and I was on top of him. I started going over the bars as I heard my tire pop as it rammed his cassette. I tucked and rolled and thought for sure there was going to be others to follow.

Turns out it was just me. As usual the real damage wasn't felt until 2 days afterwards. I keep tearing up some muscle around my left shoulder. I chalk it up to my death grip as I go over the bars. JF thinks he might have done something wrong, but I have tried to assure him that kind of crap happens.

I haven't ridden since then. On top of that I ate ice cream tonight. First crit is on Sunday. ABD TT #4 is this Saturday as well. I think I might skip the TT. I have a feeling my time won't improve.

This is sad, but I remember the feeling in December right after the last race of the year. While a part of me was sad I have to admit I felt a lot of relief. Toeing the line and feeling that stress of anticipation followed by sheer pain is something that takes a strong stomach. Now that it will be happening again so quickly I am uneasy. Nervous actually.

Hope my shoulder holds out. Damn geese...

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Runner Susan said...

Just another reason to own a treadmill.