Thursday, September 24, 2009


Obscure Omiums - For the Win (FTW)

Fall Fling is this weekend and I have not ridden my road bike in a long time. I have been swamped building wheels. The riding I have done has been cross.

I have ridden a few cross rides out of the shop (3 so far) and 3 bandit cross races. BTW - Bandit Cross is the shiz. My props to our man "Rear Derailler". Great Series.

Today is my dedication day to Wayne Simon. He rocks. He's like our area's own little Chuck Norris. All those Chuck Norris lines go through my head when we're riding/racing together....err....well in the general vicinity of each other - no cat 4 hack is holding Simon's wheel.

Things like:

"Wayne Simon doesn't glue tubulars - he just stares at them and they melt to the rim."

"Wayne Simon doesn't use public transportation - he pulls public transportation behind his TT bike."

"Wayne doesn't 'warmup' at the start of a race - he acquires targets."

"You don't pass Wayne Simon. He goes behind you because that's step 1 in Wayne's book entitled 'I'm going to crush your soul'"

"If you're in front of Wayne's because he's about to lap you."

"Wayne Simon IS carbon fiber."

"Wayne Simon airs up his tires with crushed souls."

"Embrocation is sweat from Wayne Simon."

"Wayne Simon wasn't born - he saw a gap and filled it."

"Wayne Simon eats chains, sleeps on a work bench, bleeds lube, and poops excellence."

MJH2 called me one day a few months ago in the middle of a weekday and said, "You know why Wayne Simon is so awesome? I just passed him while he was motorpacing in the middle of the weekday. That's why he's awesome. What are you doing right now? Exactly."

That just about sums it up.

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