Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kid again

I rode last night. My plan was to recon an upcoming course. Little did I know that Noah was in town and God was try to wash the sinners from the streets. The downpour was intense.

...but I had planned on riding.

When it rains like that you just have to embrace it. The initial getting wet is the only part that really sucks. The part that always gets me is when the shoes finally fill with water.

While riding I noticed everyone was kind of giddy. A few even mentioned it. Something was different. We were like kids on our bikes riding around the neighborhood on a school night waiting for that moment when your mom yells out the door that it's time to come in. Only this time we knew it would be our wives, kids, or boss who would call.

Everytime around it was the same. "another loop?" "Sure. Why not."

It was one of the slowest rides I have done all year. I had a blast.

I love riding my bike.


Arron said...

it is my favorite part of riding. being a kid again. feeling that freedom a bike ride can bring a person. love it.

Runner Susan said...

rain? oh my. i don't even run in the rain. it is being like a kid, except as a kid i don't remember ever fearing for my life,then it was always a thrill ride. if that's what i have in store, then i'll be happy.