Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Chicago Bike Swap

This is the second time I have been to the Chicago bike swap. Last year it was in a smaller venue and was absolutely packed. I went looking for nothing and left with a bike.

This year like everyone else I didn't have the money. I was wanting to go and look for whatever deals I could find, etc. Also I wanted to see how the Bicycle Heaven booth went.

Getting to Harper College we were greated with this line of bike nerds looking for deals

As soon as I paid my money and made it in I heard Ara's voice and made a beeline to the Heaven's booth. I was introduced to "Ed" from SRAM. He's the loacl SRAM rep that helped us put together our team deal through the Grass Roots program. Part of this program involved incorporating our team in the efforts of World Bicycle Relief. Ed Spoke pasionately about it's mission and his hopes that through our involvement we too can become liasons as well as participants in the movement. Take a minute to check out the site. Cool stuff and it makes you think for sure.

The Heaven was there to do some business. Where else could you find deals like these?

Rich is salesman mode. He offloaded some solid stuff he's been storing for a while.

Ara selling a bike. He moved quite a few that day.

Moving around through the booths I found an old set of Scott full tri bars. I had a set like these on my bike towards the end of high school. Honestly they were really comfortable. They either became illegal to use in competition or simply just fell out of style. These are from the "Lance is a triathlete - wtf is the Tour de France?" kind of days.

Here's my old shots of my bike with them on. Hello 1990. We'd like for you to take your hot pink and neon yellow back please. k-thx.

So I went around looking for stuff. I ended up finding the stuff I figured I would find. I got another Bonty setapost. I love these because of the infinite clamp and single side bolt design. It is very adaptable on the road. Easy to get the perfect position. $10 form the Heaven

I then picked up the stem with the right length and angle for my TT bike $5 - Albertos. Then when I thought I was done and redy to head out with CyclingJester and Voldemort from bikeforums I did one more round and found a piile of SPecialized saddles. While digging I found 2 Alias saddle (MSRP around $110 each). They offered both for $80. Well...the cash machine didn't work and I was out so Voldemort lent me the money. I like to say he helped make my ass happy.

The loot (booty if you least as far as the saddles are concerned).

Last week my Formula group buy that I got on for the hubs (back in July - seriously July) finally showed up. Here's a pile of hub joy. Now for some rims, spokes and some customers. Anyone need wheels?

Feel the need to drop this one here too. I had an alien sighting at the ABD indoor TT. He wasn't riding becuase he said "it favors the fat guys" you're saying I have a chance.

In other news I heard that Mission Bay was one of the early victims of the economy. Word has it they stopped paying their bills with all of their suppliers. They had a booth at the swap but it was empty. I don't like seeing that happen to anyone in the business. Especially a shop that had been around and involved like the Bay. I wasn't a fan of them leaving Elgin though because they used to be my local.

Oh well....get out there and spend a few bucks with your local to help ensure they'll be here next year. You know you need some bar tape, a new chain and some tires for next season. Why not get them now.


Runner Susan said...

I am totally digging the pink bike!

aham23 said...

they had new old gear at this thing. now i know. i thought it was more "vintage" type stuff. later.