Monday, June 30, 2008

1st Day Riding

Got a late start but still ended up getting a bit of mileage. I learned a few things - Primarily I can sweat a lot, and while the wind down here isn't that bad, the wind combined with the terrain, or lack there of, is just mind numbing.

I rode 18 miles at the start and notice that I had only ascended 30 ft. I turned the ride into a longer ride than i had planned and ended up with 51 miles. That was nice. Running through 4 normal sized bottles and still ending up dehydrated was not.

For now on it's the large bottles and Gatorade. I hate gatorade, but I didn't bring any Heed with me. The Gatorade will have to do. Gatorade in a Hammer Nutrition bottle.

The gearing was appropriate, but still felt wrong. The shifting is awesome on the new cassette even with an old chain. I guess it is time to get a new cassette for everyday use.


CyLowe said...

I think I'd punch myself in the chamois having to ride something so flat.

Oh yeah, get some of the Tiger Woods Gatorade. The green stuff. Cold Fusion or some such lame name. Just ask aham, though. He witnessed yesterday the stone cold awesome that the Tiger Woods Gatorade green flavor drops on a ride. It's soul crushing stuff.

Check the Did You Ride Today? thread. Much hilarity in his attire, as well.

Good to see you're riding! Watch out for the Bubba Gump boats.

aham23 said...

your hammer club membership is being revoked. how dare you. later.